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About Ayman Rabiie

I am Ayman Rabie, a lecturer and content creator in the field of digital marketing and business on YouTube and social media. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, specializing in Marketing, from Cairo University with a very good grade. I have been working in this field for more than 8 years, during which I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge. I started my career in marketing and business with several companies in the Gulf countries since 2018. I always develop my skills and share my experiences that I constantly seek to learn to help myself and others in our professional lives, and I do this by creating content on my YouTube channel and social media accounts, as well as through training courses and articles on my website.


My vision is to be a pioneer in the field of digital marketing and e-commerce, and to contribute to turning ideas into successful businesses by taking full advantage of digital capabilities. I seek to enable individuals and companies to reach a wider audience and achieve tangible results through innovative marketing strategies and advanced technologies. I believe that digital marketing is the key to success in the digital age, and I strive to provide others with the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve sustainable growth and a strong strategic vision in the world of e-commerce. Together, we can build a wonderful digital future and achieve success.


My mission is to empower individuals and businesses to achieve sustainable success in digital marketing. I strive to provide them with the necessary knowledge and skills to take full advantage of digital opportunities and digital transformation. I believe in the importance of interacting with the target audience and building strong relationships, and I believe that digital marketing provides effective means to achieve this. I always aspire to provide personal support and guidance to every individual and company to contribute to achieving their goals and achieving sustainable success in the world of digital business. My genuine message is to empower you and help you build effective marketing strategies and get the desired results in the world of e-commerce.

My Story with Content Creation

The idea of creating content on YouTube was not born of the moment, but it was present from the beginning of my studies in the field of business and marketing and the increase of my passion in various fields. The idea aroused when I realized my love and enjoyment of sharing every new information I learn in this field, so I searched for several ways, including creating a channel on YouTube and sharing this experience with others, especially in the lack of valuable and useful content in Arabic. The launch of the first video was on March 30, 2020, exactly at the beginning of the Corona crisis, and it was entitled (How will the Corona epidemic change the world? Benefits of Corona!!), and I discovered that this world is not simple and requires more experience, in writing content, learning photography, video editing, preparing sound, and design. Also SEO preparation was needed to help the video appear on search engines and many others. From here until now, I discovered more about this large and interesting field and strive to learn more to improve the content and scientific material that I present on YouTube, social media sites, and most recently the website.

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The Services I Provide

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Digital Marketing for Companies

I provide comprehensive digital marketing services that ensure your success in the digital world. Through a specialized team with multiple experiences and skills to meet your needs and achieve your goals. Starting from content writing, designing and video editing, to managing social media pages and creating and managing advertising campaigns.

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Online Training

Do you want to improve the results of your digital marketing campaigns and enable your team to make the most of digital marketing capabilities? I provide services to develop and deliver training courses tailored to meet your needs and the requirements of your team. Whether you're looking for one-on-one coaching tailored to your organization or coaching for your existing marketing team, I'm here to help.

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Online Marketing Consultation

Are you facing digital marketing problems that are negatively affecting your business growth? Book a marketing consultation with me to solve these problems and discuss appropriate strategies. Whether you're losing potential clients or struggling to retain your existing clients, I'm here to help. I will provide you with effective and innovative solutions to take your business to a new level.

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